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All for Villages is a non-profit charity organisation and as such relies solely on donations and support from like minded people to either volunteer with us or help raise our profile and money needed to continue our valuable contribution to our community.
Become a Volunteer on Koh Phayam
One of our dedicated volunteers at Bon Soon School

One of our dedicated volunteers at Bon Soon School

Everyone loves to travel.  Why not combine travel with a memorable volunteer experience.  By becoming a volunteer, whether for a week or a month; will provide an insight into the culture and hearts of the people of Koh Phayam in the Ranong Province.

All for Villages does not charge you to volunteer, but  you will need to pay your way with food and accommodation.  During the low season (May to September) on Koh Phayam locals are very generous and will offer great accommodation at very discounted rates to volunteers !!!!

The children will delight you with their smiles and openness; their love for games and life will stay in your hearts forever.

We are now working very closely with the local Moken Sea Gypsy Community to support them with various life skills to help increase their incomes and well being.

All for Villages can offer a variety of volunteer experiences to suite your time frame.

Volunteer Teacher – English / Art / Life Skills

English is the skill both children and adults need to provide better future employment opportunities and to help break the cycle of poverty.

You don’t need to be a professional teacher.  Just someone who enjoys the energy of children, patience for adult learners, has an open mind and good practical skills.

Our main aim is to teach conversation skills with the hope that reading and writing English will follow.

  • Teaching basic English conversation to adults within the community to support future employment in tourism; the fastest growing industry in and Ranong Province.
  • Teaching children aged 4 to 12 years through games and activities.
  • Supporting children and adults with art and craft activities and ideas in the Sea Gypsy Village on Koh Phayam.
  • Teaching life skills to those young adults who no longer attend school.

Our resident volunteer teacher and coordinator,  Fiona who has been working closely with the community since 2006 will assist you to get started.

Simon, returns regularly to help our kids

Simon, returns regularly to help our kids

Accommodation Options (for long term Volunteers)

If you are planning to stay for more than a month, many local options are available to suite your needs and budget.  Once dates are confirmed we can then give you your options.


All for Villages is based in Ban Saak / Nam Khem, 20 minutes north of Khao Lak.  Currently all volunteering options are based on Koh Phayam, Ranong Province.  Its a small island with no cars only motorcycles.  Its not really necessary to hire a motorcycle during your stay; most things are within walking distance and motorcycle taxis are available all year round.

Travel Insurance is also highly recommended.

For those wishing to volunteer for more than a month, the correct visa must be obtained.  Check your local for latest visa regulations.  For the latest most accurate visa information, go to

Be aware, visa regulations in Thailand change frequently; as of May, 2015 you are required to enter the country on a tourist visa obtained from your country of origin if you wish to stay longer than 30 day
Letting our kids be creative

Letting our kids be creative

Make learning English fun

Make learning English fun

Volunteer at Island Learning Tree Koh Phayam

Volunteer at Koh Payam