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About Us

All for Villages is a non-profit charity organisation established in 2005 in Thailand in the wake of the 2004 Tsunami tragedy, established by Amanda and Gary.


Street Dogs & Cats

A healthy community means both people and animals. All for Villages initiated a Sterilization program for street dogs and cats; none existed in our area.


Education Projects

Education is the key in any community to a brighter future; both for the children and their families. Education is a means to break the ongoing cycle of poverty.


Takuapa Hospital

All for Villages recognizes those in the community who are unable to provide for their own basic needs so a fund was established to support them during harder times.


Gary’s Special Project

Improving the existing water system; adding tanks, pumps, pipes & plumbing !

Being well established in our community, often projects are presented to us for our consideration and support. In the past we have been involved with FED (Foundation for Education and Development); an organization specifically targeting Burmese people living and working in Thailand.


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Recent Posts

Mobile Vet Clinic

In July 2014, Dr. Sam and his wife Kuhn O headed out to Koh Pratong, a small island community of the coast

Welcome to All For Villages

Welcome to All for Villages new website.  We are committed to bringing you all the latest information and updates on our project

Special Events & Acknowledgements

Christmas Appeal
Supporting Our Community

Christmas Appeal

Well It’s almost that time of the year again. AFV would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members and friends for their continued support and love. If anyone would like to give a gift to those less fortunate, please leave a comment and we can send you detail