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August 2021 - All For Villages

Trash 4 Cash – Latest Project with the Moken Community on Koh Payam

As everyone is aware, ocean plastic waste has become a major problem all over the world and is choking our oceans and sea life.  All for Villages have teamed up with Ranong Recyclers who are funded by Jan & Oscar Foundaton.  Lately the Moken go out on their boats in search of a catch that contains nothing but plastic and other waste materials.

In their own words:  “We spend a lot of money of nets, fuel & boat repairs but have no income because we just catch trash”.

At the pier, ready to send to Ranong

With the support of Jan & Oscar Foundation & Ranong Recyclers, the Moken now collect & sort plastic into varying grades which they then transport to the mainland with their own boats.  They also collect ghost nets and discarded ropes which can be sold for a very good price.


For those who dont have a boat, we organise transportation with the local slow boat from Koh Payam to the pier in Ranong where it is collected by Ranong Recyclers.  They offer above market value to help support the Moken Community, the true Gardians of the Sea.

One young Moken couple Ta & Taput collected over 100 kilos of waste in just over a week from Koh Kaem, a small island just off Koh Payam.  Well done !!!

Sorting; getting ready to send to Ranong Recycle