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Koh Phayam Projects - All For Villages
Education is the key in any community to a brighter future; both for the children and their families.  Education is a means to break the ongoing cycle of poverty.

Jessica, our valued volunteer teaches art both at the Learning Tree and at her home

Whether its language skills or hands on training, All For Villages endeavors to provide practical support.

In August, 2015 after consultation with the community of Koh Payam, it was decided we would set up a “place” on the island where everyone could access the services we are able to provide.  Thus the Island Learning Tree became a reality offering a range of activities for all those in the Community.

In 2020, we commenced a Volunteer English Program in the local School, teaching Kindergarten through to Grade 6.  This means we are now able to access all the children of the island, whether Thai, Moken or Burmese.  We hope that English will help support these young learners to create more employment opportunities in the future.

You don’t need to be a professional teacher.  Just someone who enjoys the energy of children, has an open mind & heart and good practical skills and knowledge of English.

We do accept Volunteers all year round.

Moken Sea Gypsy Village – Koh Phayam.

Sea creature blackboards; an engaging way to learn, thanks to our board member George for providing the paint for US !!!

The Moken Village on Koh Phayam numbers around 150 people, 40 of these being children under the age of 15.  Most of the Moken children are now attending the local school, but many access the Learning Tree afternoons and weekends.

We have purchased a sewing machine  to learn how to sew & make recycled shopping bags.  Making and selling macrame both here and overseas is very popular and creates extra income when they are not on their boats.


The kids enjoy making bracelets that are sold and all money raised given to them.

Local life in the Village

Local life in the Village

Ing with her daughter, Meena. She also is employed now to cook 4 days a week for the kids..

Ing with her daughter Meena in the Moken Village


Hand carved Kabang (long tail boat) takes 3 months to complete. 

English Holiday Camp

English Holiday Camp for kids

Even Kids can volunteer & help out

Even your kids can volunteer with US

Vera, our lovely volunteer supported us for 4 months.

Vera, our lovely volunteer supported us for 4 months.