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Koh Phayam Projects - All For Villages
Education is the key in any community to a brighter future; both for the children and their families.  Education is a means to break the ongoing cycle of poverty.

Jessica, our valued volunteer teaches art both at the learning tree and at her home

Whether its language skills or hands on training, All For Villages endeavors to provide practical support.

With ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) formally being recognized in 2015, English language skills are one of the key components of Education for many local communities to provide possible future employment.

In August, 2015 after consultation with the community of Koh Payam, it was decided we would set up a “place” on the island where everyone could access the services we are able to provide.  Thus the Island Learning Tree became a reality and the services we are able to provide are listed below.

  • Teaching Conversational English to children aged 4 to 12 years through games and activities
  • Teaching basic English skills to adults within the community to support future employment in tourism; the fastest growing industry in Phang Nga and Ranong Province.
  • Assisting local Thai & Burmese business people to create menus, or other necessary written English information.
  • Mornings the Island Learning Tree is being used by local mothers who meet with their children for activities.
  • Day care for visiting foreigners with payment being a donation (Children must be over 5)

You don’t need to be a professional teacher.  Just someone who enjoys the energy of children, patience for adult learners, has an open mind and good practical skills and knowledge of English.

Moken Sea Gypsy Village – Koh Phayam.

Sea creature blackboards; an engaging way to learn, thanks to our board member George for providing the paint for US !!!

The Moken Village on Koh Phayam numbers around 80-100 people, 30 of these being children under the age of 15.  The children enjoy coming to Island Learning Tree in the afternoons and weekends to play and learn.  Access is difficult for them and they walk for 1.5 hours to get here.  All for Villages in co-operation with Kuhn Phillip (who has lived in the Village for 5 years) have commenced a greater support role in the Village.  We are teaching five days per week and everyone is welcome.   We recently painted and decorated an existing building to create a happy friendly learning place for all the kids.  The aim is:

  • Teaching Moken Language (with an elder), Thai, English and Maths
  • Supporting Community Art projects which will be for sale during high season with all proceeds going directly to the families !!!!
  • Afternoons will be spent teaching life skills; art, cooking, gardening, weaving, bracelet making, motor repair.  Basically anything the children show an interest in.  This will be done with the support of the elders and other locals with the expertise in these fields.



The kids enjoy making bracelets that are sold and all money raised given to them.

Local life in the Village

Local life in the Village

Ing with her daughter, Meena. She also is employed now to cook 4 days a week for the kids..

Ing with her daughter, Meena. She also is employed now to cook 4 days a week for the kids..







For more information on projects in the Moken Village, check out Gary’s Clean Water Projects..


Hand carved Kabang (long tail boat) takes 3 months to complete.  They are for sale thru Island Learning Tree, with all proceeds given to the craftsman, Luhn Tard

All for Villages is fortunate to have a handful of donor’s worldwide that provide additional funding; for example

  • $US $2.00 per child per day for breakfast & lunch that includes fresh fruit & vegetables at the new Learning place in the Moken Village.
  • $US 20.00 per month can provide toothbrushes & toothpaste for 25 kids.
  • $US 130.00 per month employs Ing (pictured above) to cook lunch 4 days a week for 20 kids.  She will also teach the girls cooking skills as well!!!!

All for Villages has also created a small scholarship program so those children living on the more remote islands in the Andaman Sea will be able to attend high school on the mainland in the future.

Our dedicated Board Member, Fiona, coordinates this program all year on our behalf.

English Holiday Camp

English Holiday Camp for kids

Even Kids can volunteer & help out

Even your kids can volunteer with US

Vera, our lovely volunteer supported us for 4 months.

Vera, our lovely volunteer supported us for 4 months.