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Sterilize Dogs & Cats - Koh Payam - All For Villages
A healthy community means both people and animals.  All for Villages initiated a Sterilization Program in 2014 for all dogs and cats, either owned or stray across Koh Payam.

We are proud to announce we are now working on the neighbouring island of Koh Lao in the Moken Sea Gyspy Community providing the same service for FREE !!!

WE have teamed up with Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW) who provide a FREE 4/5 day Mobile Clinic every March.  We raise funds across the island prior to their arrival to provide support during their visit.

Amanda, our founder is all hands on when the sterilization clinics are being run

Amanda, our founder is very hands on when the sterilization clinics are being run.

All for Villages provides:
  • Sterilization to both dogs and cats as the first priority in the reduction program.
  • Vaccination against deadly diseases
  • Mange and Worm treatment
  • Emergency care for injured street animals

After running this program for 6 years, we are very pleased with the results we see.  I am happy to report that we are definitely seeing far fewer animals in distress.

Here are some examples of our costs for treatment:

  • US $50.00 can spay 2 dogs in turn greatly reducing the amount of puppies being born back onto the street and a life of misery
  • US $25.00 can provide 12 Rabies Vaccinations
  • US $10.00 can treat can provide Tick and flea injections for 10 dogs per month
Koh Payam: The Good News !!

After 6 years, over 2000 dogs and cats have been sterilized and treated on Koh Phayam.  Without the overwhelming Community Support, none of this would be possible.

We are very proud of our work and recognition by the local people.  What we have noticed is with the reduction of street/beach dogs in particular areas of our community, the ones remaining are being better cared for.

New Program with locals:  Takua pa/ Khao Lak
Food delivery to the temple thanks Elisha, anther way we support local street dogs

Providing food for local temples

Gary & Amanda have teamed up with Ms. Saowanee, a local Thai woman who helps rescue stray cats & dogs in and around Ban Nam Khem.  With her support, we will run ‘Special Sterilization Clinics’ during the time we are staying in Thailand, using a local Vet.

Often our work is heartbreaking for all of us.  It’s difficult to watch innocent creatures suffer needlessly.

Our aim is to reduce the number of unwanted street dogs and cats; thus setting an example of caring relationships between people and animals.

A Moken girl on Koh Lao helping witht the puppies

             Moken Village on Koh Payam

The Moken Communities on both Koh Payam & Koh Lao welcome us with open arms.  Not easy;  A very early longtail boat from the mainland to Koh Lao, then another longtail boat to Koh Payam.

Always many helping hands !!!!