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November 2014 - All For Villages

Thai Life Home Stay Resort & Spa – Supporting Us

We would like to acknowledge and thank Thai Life Home Stay Resort & Spa owners Kuhn Maneerat (Taan) Grueneberger and her husband John, for their ongoing support to our Project.  Through fundraising events held regularly for their guests, they raise money and awareness of the needs of our local community.

The Monks blessing the guests during a fundraising event

The monks blessing guests at Thai Life Home Stay

For more information on what they can offer please visit or visit their facebook page: ThaiLife Homestay Resort & Spa

Their daughter Patty has established a parallel dog Program working with Dr. Sam and visiting local temples every week.  Patty is a very caring sole and feels as we do about the treatment of animals.  You can often find her on the side of the road feeding and helping the street dogs.

For more information on her project please visit: or visit their facebook page: Happy Temple Dogs Project

We are grateful for the their ongoing support and highly recommend at visit to their beautiful resort.

Traditional dancing provided during our fundraisng event

Traditional dancing provided during our fundraisng event













Mobile Vet Clinic

Dr. Sam on his way to Koh Pratong

Dr. Sam on his way to Koh Pratong

In July 2014, Dr. Sam and his wife Kuhn O headed out to Koh Pratong, a small island community of the coast near Ban Nam Khem.  These island communities have no vet services available yet they do have a dog problem.

Coordnated by Amanda with the assistance of a local resort, the villages were informed of what would be available over the 2 days.

We would like to also gratefully acknowledge the help and support from Valerie from Golden Buddha Resort.  She was responsible bringing the dog problems on Koh Pratong to our attention.  She also raised money for the project and assisted Dr. Sam while he was there.  Thank you very much for your care and support of both us and your community.

According to Dr. Sam, it was an incredible turnout of people with their animals but unfortunately due to time restrictions, we had to turn some of them away.

August saw Dr. Sam head to Koh Payam, an island off the coast of Ranong, where he spent two days working with the locals.

No area too remote for Dr. Sam and his team, Sea Gypsy Village, Koh Payam

Coordinated by Fiona and with the help of Nara, Dr. Sam was able to sterilize 26 dogs and cats in just under two days.


Again, we had to turn people away as we simply ran both out of time and out of medications !!!!

Due to the overwhelming response from the local people Dr. Sam will return to Koh Payam on 13 & 14th December to conduct another 2 day mobile clinic.


Welcome to All For Villages

Team All for Villages at Koh Payam

Welcome to All for Villages new website.  We are committed to bringing you all the latest information and updates on our projects through our Blog and Facebook page.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our wonderful family and friends who, with your support, can continue our work and offer love and assistance to those less fortunate in our community.

We are proud of what we do and are excited about some new upcoming projects and ideas.

So happy reading, please feel free to leave a comment, we value your input and hope you can continue to support us.