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HIV & Hospital Programs - All For Villages
All for Villages is proud to announce another project at Takuapa Hospital.
Burmese HIV Project in Southern Thailand.
Dr. Wut, Amanda, Gary, Deuan & Dr. Chai at Takuapa Hospital.

Dr. Chai, Amanda, Gary, Deuan & Dr. Wut at Takuapa Hospital.

Dr Wut, an HIV specialist at our local hospital, needs help to fund an assistant.  Hospitals from miles around refer Burmese HIV positive patients to him because they say that IF the patients don’t speak Thai they cannot understand that it is imperative to take the medications ONLY AS PRESCRIBED.  It is a very specific, difficult regimen.

Dr. Wut has around 80 Burmese HIV positive patients! Many live in remote areas with limited access to transportation.  A Burmese couple, a man and woman, have been helping, assisting with translation, medication delivery and coordination between doctor and patients. The patients trust them.  They are both Burmese and HIV positive. They bring hope.  They understand.  They are also on call, for emergencies anywhere!

All for Villages has commenced funding this outreach program and we are committed to finding the funding.  We need $300.00 per month to finance this program that is critical to the HIV Community.

Takuapa Hospital / Assisting Disadvantaged Patients

Takuapa is located 30 minutes north of Khao Lak, Phang Nga.  Its population is a mix of Thai and Burmese and its economy is largely driven by agriculture.

Takua pa Hospital was one of the first responding medical teams in the wake of tsunami.

A fund was created to help patients who otherwise would fall through the cracks.  Some services were not covered under their medical card which are listed below:

Takuapa Hospital

Initially, All for Villages supported 25 patients every six months who required assistance.

  • Transportation to other hospital or specialists
  • Low cost prescription reading glasses
  • Contributing funds for accident and emergency care
  • Contributing funds for MRI’s
Takuapa Hospital / HIV Prevention Program

All for villages became aware of some HIV positive pregnant women who do not have a Government Medical Card.  This is due to lack of financial resources or they are unable to prove their citizenship.

Without their medical card, there is no funding for the medication to prevent transmission from mother to baby.  We need to prevent this disease from spreading as well as minimize the suffering for both mother and baby.

All for Villages financially supports

  • Cost of medication for both the mother and child

    This baby is received free milk powder daily

    This baby is receiving free milk powder daily

  • HIV testing of the newborn child and the father
  • Powdered Milk for the first year to  prevent  transmission  from mother to the newborn child..
Caring for those in Need

Although Takuapa Hospital are not directly involved with this service we offer, they do, however offer support when local people need medical assistance.

Poverty does not discriminate; both young and old members of the community as well as families struggle to meet the basic daily needs.

Often this refers to elder members of the community; some who lost their families and loved ones in the tsunami.  For some, their partners have passed away or their children have moved away.

More recently, they have been affected by flooding which occurs in our area often during monsoon season from July to September.

The needs of these people are simple so we do what we can to help in some small way, by providing:

  • Food
  • Basic household items
  • Repair gutters and install water tanks
  • Trips to Takuapa when ill as most only have motorcycles
  • Trips to the local market

Many people within the community have little or no income.  All for Villages hopes the small support given, will enable them to have a better daily life.

Deuan, our interpreter helping the Burmese

Deuan, our interpreter helping the Burmese


Offering support where we can

Local people being supported by us

Some of our local friends