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September 2015 - All For Villages

Burmese HIV Project – Takuapa Hospital

The local hospital has a doctor who is an HIV specialist.

He is overworked as many hospitals refer their Burmese HIV patients to him, in part because he has had a Burmese couple who also speak Thai as coordinators.

They translate for many who don’t speak Thai, deliver medication and provide transport for some patients living in remote locations. They also meet with the doctor twice a week. Right now there is no funding for them, and their services are essential.

We need to find a commitment of $300.00 per month to support one of them.

For more details, please visit our our projects page: HIV & Hospital Program


Island Learning Tree – Koh Payam


One of the many great donations we are receiving..thanks Kim

All for Villages are proud to announce our newest community project on Koh Payam.

After consultation with the community, it was decided that we would open a multi-purpose space to incorporate services and support that are not provided on the island for the local people.

With the overwhelming support of family and friends, we raised the necessary funds to rent a building near the pier area for one year.  We are grateful to Kuhn Jock, a local Thai businessman, for discounting our rent heavily.  With the remaining funds, we purchased some needed equipment and have enough to run our Centre for one year.  We do, however need continue to fundraise to provide snacks, games and other necessary things for the kids here.

Amanda & Sue kindly came up to Koh Payam to help set up

Amanda & Sue kindly came up to Koh Payam to help set up

Our aim is to:

  • Teach English after school, weekends and school holidays.
  • Run art, health & yoga workshops with volunteers during high season.
  • Encourage those children not attending school to come and join us; learn, play and have some fun through art, games and yoga.
  • Provide support for anyone in the community interested in improving their English skills, whether written or spoken, through the day while the children are at school.
  • Provide support to all local business with creating menus, printing & translation where needed.  Currently they must travel to the mainland for these services. (This will be done on a donation basis so we can replenish stationary supplies).  Our dear friend P. Wit has been offering his services for translation as part of his donation and commitment to our Project.
The boys from the local Sea Gypsy Village decided to come check it out

Boys from the local Sea Gypsy Village decided to come check it out

Girls hard at work !!

Girls hard at work !!, doing whatever needed

Some of the first kids to come check out their new learning space

Some of the first kids to come check out their new space

Having fun after English Lessons

Having fun after English Lessons








Everyone is a volunteer, and All for Villages, being a non-profit make no money from this venture.  Thus we do rely on donations and volunteers to keep running.

Amanda & Gary, our founders always there to help out, thank you from all of us !!!

I am proud of what, we as a team have achieved in a short time.  I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Amanda de Normanville and Gary Soden for all their love and support of our project.  Also for travelling up to Koh Payam to help with the set up.  Also Sue Jones for working tirelessly over the weekend with us to get ready to open.  Not forgetting to our dedicated Board Members; Sharon, George & Marina for their confidence in our work and unending support.

We look forward to welcoming all of you to come visit us, hang out with the kids and enjoy the spirit that is All for Villages on Koh Payam.

If you are interested in volunteering please go to our contact page.  If you would like to donate, paypal is available.