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Individual Support - All For Villages
As part of the changing community needs, All for Villages now offers individual support to help provide long term solutions in a number of different ways.

After 10 years, All for Villages is proud to still offer support to some of the original children & families that have benefited from us; through:

  • Providing Laptops to those scholarship students on the mainland.

    Naa & Gunya from Koh Payam receive their NEW laptops

  • Health and hygiene needs including; toothbrushes, toothpaste, plasters and eyewash.
  • Supporting older students who are undertaking further education and are living out of home.


There were THREE floods in Ban Mueang, the village nearest our home in the space of four weeks.  The monsoon rains were the worst experienced in 5 years  One resident who recently had a stroke lost her mattress as it was on the dirt floor.  Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to buy her first actual bed and mattress which is now off the floor, along with a mosquito net.

Gary putting up the much needed mosquito net

The new bed & mattress in place

After the flood went thru her home