Another Koh Payam Adventure with Dr. Sam


Dr. Sam and Kuhn heading down Aow Yai Beach in the rain

On 12th December, Dr. Sam and his wife Kuhn O again came up to Koh Payam to help with our ever growing “beach dog” problem for 3 days.  Arriving in perfect weather we set to work immediately before enjoying an amazing Seafood BBQ dinner with P Tao and his family at My BBQ Bar and Restaurant at Buffalo Bay.

The following morning found us on a long tail boat to Payam Resort where a lovely couple from Germany holidaying for 3 months wanted to help by paying for all the neutering of the resort dogs.  By the way, Dr. Sam fell in love with his working location in a sala on the beach.  They also gave a very generous donation.

This time we were mobile and went to the people.  We received overwhelming support from both the local Thai people as well as many foreigners.  Some locations were quite tricky and the weather was slightly against us.  We even had Dr. Sam and Kuhn O riding down the Aow Yai beach to a remote location to fix two dogs !!!!

Saturday afternoon we concentrated on the temple.  They have many cats, around 20 and 8 large dogs.  Again time was against us and Dr. Sam worked until dark.  We didn’t manage to complete the task but did however, do 8 cats and 3 dogs.  We also received a very generous donation of 5,000 Baht toward the temple work.

This little guy had been scratched by the cats and also bad mange.

This little guy had been scratched by the cats and also bad mange.

So with donations as well as paid surgery, we were able to do many animals for free.  Some local families paid for two of their dogs so All for Villages did the third one for free.

We also treated lots of puppies for mange and fleas as well.

Dr. Sam has left us with medication for mange, worms and ticks so we can continue treatment until he returns in February.

Due to the overwhelming success and support from the Koh Payam community, we hope Dr. Sam can come every 2 months.

A special thank you to Nara for taking all of Dr. Sam’s equipment to each location and Josie, my wonderful volunteer for all the great photographs !!!!!

Another great job from ‘Team All For Villages

Ouf & Ina from Payam Resort

Ouf & Ina from Payam Resort

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